Chitra Santhe 2018

“Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced” - Leo Tolstoy This was prominently displayed near Karnakata ChitraKala Parishath during the 16th Chitra Santhe that was held on 6th Jan, 2018. The statement succinctly captured the essence of the feelings of the various artists whose works were on... Continue Reading →

Cox Town New Year’s Flea Market

“Have you ever visited the Cox Town New Year’s market show?” Ask this question to people who have been living for years in and around Cox Town, Bangalore. The reactions can cover the entire spectrum of emotions from excitement and joy to frustration and even downright fear. Every year on New Year’s Day umpteen hawkers... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Sans Sharif

A short blog, but I could not help writing it considering the hilarity of it all. It was Christmas time and I was on my customary two week holidays. Since we could not finalize any vacation plans I was lazying around at home. WOW… such a luxury!  I could regularly read the daily newspaper [not... Continue Reading →

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