The Legend of Om Banna

It was yet another normal day in the life of Om Singh Rathod. He was to meet some of his friends and as always never missed the opportunity to ride his bullet. This 350cc Royal Enfield motorbike was his prized procession and he was just short of worshipping it. Everyone who knew Om Singh also... Continue Reading →

Noor… Eternally Yours

“THERE THERE THERE… I CAN SEE IT. LOOK THERE… OH WOW… CAN YOU NOT SEE IT… SEE THERE…THERE… JUST LOOK AT WHERE I AM POINTING MY HAND” The lady clearly could not hide her animated glee, as the rest of us desperately strained our eyes in the direction in which she pointed. Nonetheless, we could... Continue Reading →

Comma, Hyphen, Semi-Colon… Baincho

Our diverse Indian culture does not have any dearth of cuss words. Unlike the west, I think we are privileged to have an unparalleled rich lexicon of such words, which is constantly growing and being improvised. If we were to document all the cuss words in our country, I am confident that we will have... Continue Reading →

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