Hi There… thank you for landing on my blog. I really cannot imagine how you arrived here considering the humongous amount of blogs and websites available in this virtual world!

I am from Bangalore [nah… I don’t want to call it Bengaluru… pls] and I have lived in Bangalore all my life [well almost]. I have a day job in the world of software… no marks for guessing that. I am passionate about my hobbies… I am a voracious reader and I love music.

I have seen many fancy questions introducing people. So here I attempt to do the same with me. Bear with it.

Your favorite city in this world?
Undoubtedly it is Bangalore. I don’t feel the same when I am anywhere else.

In a car do you sit in the front or the rear?
It is in the front since I have not seen a car which can be driven sitting in the back seat.

Your most cherished birthday gift?
It has to be the birthday cards which my elder daughter makes for me on my birthdays. She had scribbled the first one in pencil a few years ago. I still carry it with me everyday 🙂

The book by your bedside?
I don’t keep any. But if I would, it will be the comprehensive Oxford dictionary. Or any other similar tome. I need them to “Seek & Destroy” the alarm when it goes off every morning.

In parties and clubs do you drink, dance or talk turkey?
None of the above, since I don’t go to parties or clubs.

The most precious painting that you have purchased?
Neither am I rich enough to spend on paintings… nor do I have the mansion to house them. But I like paintings by Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh. The furthest I have gone is buying imitations of “La Femme Ombrelle Gauche” by Monet and “La Nuit étoilée” by Van Gogh at Musée d’Orsay in Paris.

Are you a hill person or a beach person?
Hill person during summer and beach person during winter.

Your favorite holiday destination?
Goa for sure… especially during December. A close second is Paris, which I visit once or twice every year [for last 5 years]. Please don’t tell this to my boss, since I am supposed to go there for official reasons.

The most beautiful place visited until now?
‘Taj Mahal’ at Agra. Nothing has even come close to beating it yet.

Your alpha male or alpha female?
Alpha, beta or gamma… I give a shit about any kind of power or authority.

Your inspiration?
Homo Sapiens. I tend to observe and learn from them regularly. The bad ones inspire and teach me the most.


I always wanted to write about my experiences which articulate how I see this world. And hence this blog.

DISCLAIMER: If the blog refers to someone you know or yourself, then it is NOT coincidental.

REQUEST: Please do not copy or “Get Inspired” by any of the blogs which I write. In case you want to use any of this material anywhere, please contact me. For all you know, I might end up paying you to use this stuff.

Do leave your honest comments. I appreciate criticism… but try not to be too harsh.


Lokesh Kumar K

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