Grandpa Tales

It was Ganesh Chaturthi… the festival that I most look forward to every year. Sadly it was a watered-down version this year due to COVID-19. We never went to the market to make the usual purchases like sugarcane, plantain leafs, flowers, variety of fruits, etc. In fact, we never even bought the customary clay Ganesh... Continue Reading →


A month before D – Day: The COVID-19 virus was wreaking havoc in a few parts of the world, especially China. I was one of those intelligent ones who said that since India is entering a hot summer, we will be unaffected. There were a few cases in India though; starting with Kerala… but like... Continue Reading →

Chumma Kizhi

By the time Joshua and I rushed into the movie theater, the logo of the production house was being displayed. Joshua flashed the light from his cellular and quickly navigated us to our respective seats. No sooner than we took our seats the screen blacked out momentarily. And then came the moment which gives goose... Continue Reading →


“PASSENGERS… EVACUATE EVACUATE EVACUATE!!!” This announcement jolted me awake. I was wondering what had happened, but quickly realized it was nothing to worry about. It was NinjNinjDing giving instructions to a few passengers on when to open the emergency exit doors in the airplane. I was returning to Bangalore after visiting Chennai for a couple... Continue Reading →

Umpteen Shades Of Grey

I was in a hurry to get back to office, since I had a meeting with my boss. The guy in the shop not only prolonged my agony by asking me to wait for a few more minutes, but also rubbed salt into my wounds. As I was fuming within, he was humming and listening... Continue Reading →

Life In The Slow Lane

It was a Sunday evening. I was still dazed after my siesta of more than a couple of hours. My wife literally yanked me out of my dreamy state, asking me to rush downstairs to get milk. Milk was delivered home every evening at around 5 PM. I tried to be smart and told her... Continue Reading →


After engaging in a bit of smalltalk, he finally got to work. The expert that he was in his trade, he precisely knew the problem at hand and how to go about fixing it. He laid bare the tools that he would be using for the next couple of hours. Heavy artillery like hammer, chisel,... Continue Reading →


Having round-the-clock access to official e-mails is no longer a status symbol reserved for the elite sitting at the top of the corporate ladder. Nowadays with smartphones to suit any budget; data plans being given away as freebies and advent of technology, every professional working for a decent corporate house, has access to official e-mails... Continue Reading →

Bryan Adams In Concert

serendipity noun The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. "A fortunate stroke of serendipity" synonyms: chance, happy chance, accident, happy accident, fluke; The above is the definition to the world, but to me serendipity meant watching Bryan Adams live in Bangalore on 13th of October, 2018. It was... Continue Reading →

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