At The Waiting Lounge

It was Sid Sriram belting out one of melodious Tamil numbers. My family and I were surprised to hear Tamil songs on the radio. I inquired about it and the driver nonchalantly explained that there were multiple channels playing Tamil and Malayalam songs on the radio. Dubai continued to surprise us, even on the very... Continue Reading →


The short vacations to places near Bangalore were getting boring. The last time we went on a vacation to some far off place was way back in the summer of 2013, when we went to Kashmir. Thereafter, since our second child was young, we never mustered the courage to take her to far flung places.... Continue Reading →

The Legend of Om Banna

It was yet another normal day in the life of Om Singh Rathod. He was to meet some of his friends and as always never missed the opportunity to ride his bullet. This 350cc Royal Enfield motorbike was his prized procession and he was just short of worshipping it. Everyone who knew Om Singh also... Continue Reading →

Noor… Eternally Yours

“THERE THERE THERE… I CAN SEE IT. LOOK THERE… OH WOW… CAN YOU NOT SEE IT… SEE THERE…THERE… JUST LOOK AT WHERE I AM POINTING MY HAND” The lady clearly could not hide her animated glee, as the rest of us desperately strained our eyes in the direction in which she pointed. Nonetheless, we could... Continue Reading →

Comma, Hyphen, Semi-Colon… Baincho

Our diverse Indian culture does not have any dearth of cuss words. Unlike the west, I think we are privileged to have an unparalleled rich lexicon of such words, which is constantly growing and being improvised. If we were to document all the cuss words in our country, I am confident that we will have... Continue Reading →

Lyon Diaries

Work takes me to Paris at least once every year. And this year was no different. I traveled to Paris at the end of June. The agenda was to meet my onshore counterparts and also attend a couple of business seminars. The travel was planned for close to two weeks. The time I take to... Continue Reading →

Vacation in Ooty – Part 2

Our next step was Lamb’s Rock. Here, we had to hike a short distance to catch the breath-taking views of the surroundings. It was funny to see a large stuffed tiger was placed on one of the rocks and tourists were charged ten rupees to take a picture with this toy tiger. I think this... Continue Reading →

Vacation in Ooty – Part 1

The last few months had been particularly hectic. Perhaps it was a combination of the intense schedule both at work and home. I really needed something to unwind and detach myself from all the fervour. A holiday away from everything was really due for me and my family. Since it was summer, beaches were ruled... Continue Reading →

Team Outing 2017

With the year winding down to a closure, it was that time of the year to come together once again to lose ourselves amidst nature and friends… no holds barred. 15th and 16th of December were the chosen dates for the annual outing with office colleagues and friends. What started as a small team experiment... Continue Reading →

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